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End The Fear of Rejection!

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"How To Be A Noble Badass" 
Intro Training.

By Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert

Secret: I don’t hold a candle to what a solid male mentor can provide in your life. However, I can awaken something in you, that another man just isn’t wired to ignite - your masculine grandeur and how to be a Noble Badass… which is the secret to getting a conscious beautiful woman to say Yes. Let's begin our unforgettable journey here. 


Many men are caught in the friend zone, the nice guy syndrome, terrified of REJECTION, emasculated from past relationships. Few have learned how to HEAL their wounded hearts to become the Noble Badass they were designed to be. Even fewer exude the wisdom that the very worst has brought out the very best in them… which is super SEXY.

This COMPLIMENTARY 7 part training will awaken your masculine grandeur.

Here's what we'll walk through together over the next 7 days...

  • Day 1: What Does Being Present Really Mean and How Do I Do It?
  • Day 2: Strong Friendships Attract a Quality Lover
  • Day 3: Effective Lists To Help Find Your Ideal Mate  
  • Day 4: How to Have As Much Sex As You Desire
  • Day 5: How to Navigate a Woman’s Emotions  
  • ​Day 6: How to Be A Noble Badass: How To Choose Drama Free Women (or make your woman drama free!)
  • Day 7: What To Do When She Withdraws Significantly   

I look forward to hearing stories of how becoming the noble badass you already are, has created women gravitating towards you, wanting to be in your presence, have sex with you, love you deeply, in a way you may have never experienced. 

Let's do this brother...

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