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Do you feel like you don't understand women? Or maybe that they don't understand you?

It's a terribly lonely feeling to have. You want to meet someone special and get to know her more – get her to say yes to knowing you – but it's so hard.

You feel shy. Insecure. You've made a few attempts at getting women to say yes to a date with you, but you feel like you're doing something wrong.

Maybe you feel you need to be more charismatic, or just more interesting. Maybe you're confused about how to approach women and say the right things so they feel attracted to you.

You've tried being Mr. Nice Guy, but it doesn't work. It seems like all the jerks win – and you're left out in the cold. You'd love to break free of all this loneliness and figure out how to build a deep connection with that someone special… you just don't know how.

Learning what you're doing wrong, figuring out how to be yourself AND attract women, and becoming more confident, more at ease with women and more powerful – without being a jerk – is completely possible.

You can be the man you want to be. A powerful, strong, solid man who attracts attention, who gets the girls, who seems to know all the right words to say to them. A man who feels comfortable and secure enough to approach women and begin a conversation she'll enjoy… without any nervousness at all.

I know you can have all this and more, because I've coached many, many men just like you throughout my career as a personal mentor and relationship coach. I've helped men who felt tongue-tied, who had low self-esteem, who felt overlooked… and who went on to discover the true secret to becoming noble, powerful confident men.

Men who believe in themselves. Men who stop hearing no and start hearing yes. Men who attract women easily and who feel comfortable around other people too.

It starts right here.

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My name is Allana, and I'm a personal coach who has guided men, women, singles and couples to better, stronger, more connected relationships they enjoy every day of their life. I'm also a model who has traveled the world and interviewed both beautiful, sensual, rich women and quiet, gentle, soulful women to ask them what they want from men.

I use gentle yet straightforward guidance, effective tools and easy strategies that get you past the doubt, the shyness, and the nerves so you can begin living your freedom as a desirable man.

And throughout my career, I've built the experience, knowledge and expertise to help teach you exactly how to understand what women want.

Because I know what women want.

And I can teach you secrets that get her to say yes, with my members-only program, Get Her to Say Yes.

Your Get Her to Say Yes membership comes complete with everything you need to break free of challenges holding you back right now so you can begin to experience life as an attractive, confident and sexy man.

You'll enjoy access to:

  • Video/Audio Interviews with specialist coaches, consultants and revolutionary sex and relationship professionals
  • Up Close & Personal Videos of my inner world with men, clients and life – think peeking through my intimate window
  • The Confidence Series audio meditation recordings that let you indulge in my soothing voice so you can find inner peace
  • Video Tips, where I tell you how to turn simple gifts into experiences she'll never forget
  • Access to the members-only forum, where you'll benefit from private discussions with other members and get extra support
  • Live monthly teleseminars with Allana – actively participate with other likeminded men, receive spot on laser coaching from Allana or simply listen in for inspiration, or download the recordings to listen later on
  • Bonus articles on the members-only blog, exclusive photos and extra videos and audio files

You'll also enjoy a live Monthly Mixer with Allana and members of her all-female Redefining Sexuality community – this is a popular feature, where I bring men and women together for insightful (and even hot!) discussions.

See what Jordan says about his experience with the Yes! Membership for Men!

The Get Her to Say Yes membership program is yours for only $57 a month. And when you become a member, you'll also get access to the entire archives of past teleseminars, videos, and audio files. Browse by month, by category or even by specific topic to watch, listen and read all the content you want.

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You'll learn amazing insight that teaches you how to end – finally! - the self-sabotage patterns you might be unconsciously using right now. They prevent you from finding that perfect relationship, make you choose the wrong women, or even repeatedly select women with low self-esteem.

You'll never feel happy and fulfilled until you become aware of these patterns… and stop repeating them. Don't you think it's worth stopping them now?

You'll also discover shocking understanding about the Nice Guy Syndrome and how it actually prevents you from reaching a satisfying connection with women – and with other people around you ever day, like friends, co-workers and peers.

When you say yes to the Get Her to Say Yes membership program, you'll finally connect with true confidence, masculine nobility and desirable sex appeal. Haven't you hurt enough already? It's time to change that.

It's time to say yes.

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"Allana lends insight into why a few dates isn’t fulfilling us. We weren’t focused on meeting a quality woman."