Dear Lover

I want something very special. A deep, intense relationship with you. And to make you the most unbreakable promise you’ve ever had (yes, today is going to be such a good one)!

I promise to transform you into the man you so much want to be. The best.

Confident, sexual, in control with the power to have everything you want in life.

Including the most valuable treasure - the quality woman you most desire. Who adores you, loves you and craves for you.

How will I do all this? Sit back, relax and I’ll explain.

During a long hot steamy summer I held a very exclusive private event. 20 men needed my help. I would have loved it if you could have been there. Just like you, they wanted to have it all.

And I know you want to develop supreme confidence, ignite your true power and passion and be magnetically and irresistibly attractive to women. And choose the one for you.

Or put the sizzle back into your marriage or long - term relationship.

Even if you’ve been badly burned and your self – esteem is shot. And you don’t feel you can get past the blocks, fears and struggles.

Don’t worry if you don’t believe in yourself. It helps if you don’t. Because it lets me fix the real problems. You’ll be astonished what I’ll do for you.

I know you’re amazing or you wouldn’t have found me. Yet I know there are places that just don’t work. I’ll cure THEM ALL. And heal all the losses and bruises. You’ll claim all your power. You’ll realize this happens automatically right from our first session. You will be the best. I’m going to make you sensational. And I don’t give up and I don’t fail.

I don’t fail? No, I can’t.

Because the power you want is stuck inside you, and I know how to unlock it all for good. And help you expand into more and more power which is exactly what turns a woman on.

Remember, this can only happen from a true Intimacy expert. Who has to be a woman! There are some great male coaches out there and they’ve given you their piece. Yet there’s still something missing…

Isn’t there?

And have you ever had anything really good work time and time again from a sleazy pick up artist?


Nor have my clients. And neither have I. I’ve waded through all the “cajole ‘em into bed, then get another one the next night” courses (believe me quality women don’t fall for any of this stuff and who really wants shallow one night stands ANYWAY?).

Only an experienced tender, sexy conscious woman, like myself, who has successfully coached 1000’s of men (and women and couples) has all the right secrets to let you live the life you know you should be living.

Making sure you get and keep your magnificent woman. I’ll give you all the proven potent formulas and tell you how to apply them and you’ll see why they always work.

Here’s what we did during that summer. 6 weeks of sheer enlightenment, empowerment and exhilaration. My 20 men immediately started healing what was in the way of them having the life of their dreams ready to captivate the woman they want.

And I’ll be just as wonderful for you – only it’ll be even more intimate because now it’s just you and me.


Week 1: Your Challenge – At Long Last Letting You Be You

You know that “voice” in your head – based on other people’s judgements telling you what you should and shouldn’t do? Constantly fault finding, sneering and criticising you?

  • We quieten it down (and let you shut it off completely – what a joy that is!) so you can listen to your own voice. It’s the one that really matters. You get to choose what you think.
  • Until now you’ve been living outside yourself – women hate this. It’s like you aren’t there. We can’t connect with you. It’s time to get back to the centre of you. Now women can reach you. And with my coaching you’ll make us feel alive, vibrant and juicy! (I’ll show you exactly how to do it.)
  • We explore and perfectly balance your intellect with your intelligence, your mind with your body your strategies with your instincts. Everything will be in harmony. And all your power soars back.
  • So now we can go deep inside and discover what you truly want for yourself as a man.
  • You’ve needed to be this man for so long – yes you know it! (it’s almost impossible to do this all on your own – lets do it together.)
  • And now after all those “lost” years you’ll finally BE – the person you WANT to be (you’ll love for me forever for making this happen with you!)

Week 2: Your Relief – You’ll Never Hit The Rocks

Life is like an ocean. The trouble is you keep casting yourself out and pulling yourself back in. Either nothing changes or you hit the rocks and get shipwrecked. It’s time for you to have calm supporting currents and clear blue skies.

  • We discover how to navigate your life, always staying in control even when others – often women are trying to pull you in different directions.
  • You’ll always be yourself, strong and fully present – you don’t run.
  • While others panic, fret and spin – you’ll be calm, cool and collected (when friends, family and co-workers just can’t cope they’ll envy your unshakeable composure. And yes you can guide them back to calmer waters – they’ll so appreciate you.)
  • Your chosen lady will cherish this – you’re solid and dependable. She needs you to have your emotional and masculine strength to keep her safe and secure (stopping her from being swept away by the waves.)

Week 3: Your Cure – No More Mr Nice Guy

Women don’t want a nice guy. Neither contrary to popular belief – do we want a bad boy. These men are insecure, lack any certainty and are just arrogant. Yes you can be playful and a little wicked. But here’s what you MUST know.

What we really want is a great man.

  • Together we’ll sit “in the fire” and handle all the emotions that have shattered you and I’ll gently move you from Nice Guy to Great Man.
  • You’ll discover how to say open, grounded, present and connected to the centre of your world – real and on purpose - women find this irresistible.
  • You’ll always be the “new” authentic you, and you'll attract women of a totally different quality – you’ll do this without any effort, no ridiculous “tactics” and you’ll never be stuck for words.
  • The incredible thing is - now it’s the real women who are looking for you. Because she wants a real man. She’s constantly seeking you from the 100’s of others who don’t know who the hell they are – but you DO. You are at one with yourself.
  • Women yearn, pine for and ache to find this. It’s off the charts sexy.
  • I’ll tell you what a woman can’t resist – knowing this makes you so utterly enticing, fascinating and magnetic (she’ll have uncontrollable lust and passion and be so hot for you.)

Week 4: Your Sexuality

This is all about your…balls. And using them! They have (apart from the obvious) a huge amount of masculine wisdom that you need to pay close attention to.

  • So, now you are fully aware you have potent balls of steel – I’ll tell you how to use them.
  • Here’s the essential thing – use them with your mind and your heart (I’ll show you how to get balance absolutely right.)
  • Women want and need to feel all this power. Physically, emotionally even spiritually. They love that you’re now living at your edge it puts us over the edge with sheer pleasure and ecstasy.
  • And thank goodness you’re not living a boring, safe and unfulfilled life – it’s time for red-hot adventures.

Week 5: Your Dating

Yes this is where all the action starts. We talk about online dating, romancing your woman to dating your wife.

  • How to claim your woman, be on fire and unstoppable –now she knows you have strong amazing qualities. You understand how she feels, you know how she wants to be treated, you train her in making the relationship work for both of you - you bring out the best in her and she becomes devoted to you.
  • We’ll make sure your passion stays fully ignited – you’re the leader! (you’ll be interested and interesting – but never, ever “needy.”) She knows what turns you on in life and she’ll always be longing to see you and inspire you.
  • What happens if there’s an argument? – you’ll handle it exquisitely. You’ll know when to give and when to stand firm. She’ll know your boundaries and realizes you are not at her “beck and call” but you will always be there when she needs you. She can depend on you when she’s a “damsel in distress.”
  • Forget all about your looks they don’t matter - but women always analyse your style – you’ll learn all the techniques (hint we look at your shoes first and work our way up) don’t worry she’ll be very impressed.
  • 8 online dating tips – you’ll want to revise your profile after this (because you’ll get lots of quality ladies desperate to meet you.)
  • How to date sexy luscious MILF’s – the do’s and don’ts.
  • Keep your wife or long term lady on her toes – or on her knees licking her lips - with pleasure gifts (it’s the simple inexpensive gifts that matter the most and bring you the “rewards” I’ll tell you which ones to choose.)

Week 6: Your Freedom

Now you are the best. It’s such an extraordinary feeling. You are totally connected to your truth, power and freedom. You ARE the man you so much wanted to be. You have my heartfelt congratulations. We’ve have had such an amazing time. Lets make sure you never lose any of this – ever.

  • Life will still have challenges – you’ll relish them. With compassion and determinism. Always using your integrity and responsibility. With your ethics and values. Very few men ever get close to this. Do you see why women love you?
  • You have certainty. Real men, great men refuse to let fear rule their life (and all those crippling fears and emotions that kept sabotaging you have gone forever.)
  • I’ll give you 5 essential things to remember about your past, your struggles and the challenges you conquered – so you keep your power and never, ever give it away again.
  • You’ll continue to thrive, triumphing over any obstacles in life. And your woman worships you because you are grounded, solid with total confidence. Whatever happens you both know you’ll be OK.
  • You’ll keep growing your astounding strength, expanding your horizons and evolve fully in your legacy. YES - your legacy – the one that counts. You’ll have a long blissfully happy life. No regrets. How many other men will be able to say that?

I want you to have all this because it’s your time for you to be great.

You get everything you need in this Program so you can BE everything you want to be.

I promised I would transform you and I will.

Here’s what you get to ensure this happens.

  • 2 DVD’s -The full recordings of my live webinars over those magical 6 weeks - over 6 hours of extensive coaching.
  • With 6 expert interviews from industry leaders. Including Luke Reichle stylist for the hit TV show Castle. They all have the inside knowledge in what makes a man compelling to a woman. And they know that real men are not born to be great. They are self-made and become great.
  • A CD – with my comprehensive curriculum – built entirely for you. So you have clear actions steps. It’s your guided path to your complete success.
  • Also included are practical assignments. These are remarkable, easy to do and they blow away all your emotional barriers. You’ll see, feel and know how quickly you are becoming your true powerful self. There’s also my very special meditation audio’s to help you achieve even more success from your deepest core, automatically.
  • My “Dear Lover” journal. You’ve never read anything like this before. It’s fascinating. It tells you exactly how a woman feels about you as you are making your progress to being great. You get right into her mind and her thoughts. Bet you can’t wait to read the last chapter – and see how fabulous she knows you are!

As you can imagine this Program has been extremely popular, so many of you understandably got hold of it – there really is nothing else like it - and it completely sold out.

So I arranged for new sets to be produced.

There’s only one slight problem. The quality of the DVD’s although still good are a bit less than high definition.

Many of you kindly said I still look beautiful (thanks guys) but I want to reduce the usual price from $247.00 down to $147.00. You can’t afford not to have it!


So, now it’s up to you, you can give up on yourself and never see the miracles happen. And never know how good you are. And never get the woman who wants to say YES over and over again.

And if you give up - you can never find the quality woman who wants to give herself to you.

And you’ll just be an ordinary spectator in life aimlessly travelling on the road to nowhere.

I know and you know this is not what you want.

So, get this program “Dear Lover” and let me fulfil my promise to you.

I guarantee it will make you complete, confident and powerful. The man you so much want to be.

Take 30 days to jump into it, savour and use all the indispensable information. It will work. But if you think it doesn’t - I insist you send it straight back to me for a full refund.

Together we will make it all happen for you.

Step up and meet me.

Give me your best and I will dissolve everything in the way of you being the sexy, phenomenal you, now and always. As only a quality woman who truly cares about you can.

You’ll never look back. Because you will be – the real you. With such greatness.

You’ll always bring out the best in you – every time, everywhere and with everyone.

From now on – your life is going to be so good.

I promise.

Deliciously, Allana



"Allana lends insight into why a few dates isn’t fulfilling us. We weren’t focused on meeting a quality woman."